Global Ecotourism Policies and Case Studies: Perspectives and Constraints

Michael Lück & Torsten Kirstges (eds.)


Table of Contents
Preface Hector Ceballos-Lascuráin
1. Basic Questions of 'Sustainable Tourism': Does Ecological and Socially Acceptable Tourism Have a Chance? Torsten Kirstges
2. Alternative Tourism Activities Management in the Argentinean-Chilean Great Lakes Corridor Rodrigo González & Adriana Otero

3. Analysis of the Visitors of Superagüi National Park, Brazil

Inge A. Niefer, João Carlos G.L. da Silva & M. Amend
4. Supporting the Principles of Sustainable Development in Tourism and Ecotourism: Government's Potential Role Pamela A. Wight
5. NGO-Community Collaboration for Ecotourism: A Strategy for Sustainable Regional Development David Barkin & Carlos Paillés Bouchez
6. Endangered Visitors: A Phenomenological Study of Eco-Resort Development W. Glen Croy & Lise Høgh
7. Latin American Ecotourism: What is it? Ron Mader
8. Pastoral Livelihoods in Tanzania: Can Maasai Benefit from Conservation? Ric Goodman
9. Socio-political Aspects of Establishing Ecotourism in the Qwa-Qwa National Park, South Africa Thea Shoeman
10. How Ecotourism can go Wrong: The Cases of SeaCanoe and Siam Safari, Thailand Noah Shepherd
11. Sustainability of Small-Scale Ecotourism: the Case of Niue, South Pacific Heidi C. de Haas
12. Local Community Involvement in Tourism around National Parks: Opportunities and Constraints Harold Goodwin
13. Large-Scale Ecotourism - A Contradiction in Itself? Michael Lück
14. Looking into the Future of Ecotourism and Sustianable Tourism Michael Lück