Nautical Tourism: Concepts and Issues

Michael Lück (ed.)


Table of Contents
Part I. Nautical Tourism Development  
1. Nautical Tourism Development: Opportunities and Threats Michael Lück
2. Water-Related Infrastructure for Nautical Tourism John Pigram
3. Anchoring Tourism to the Coast: Innovative Spatial and Community Strategies Russell Arthur Smith

4. Remarks on Innovation in Marine Tourism Systems

Marc L. Miller
Part II. Cruise Tourism  
5. Sustainable Cruise Tourism Development: Lessons from Bermuda Victor B. Teye
6. The Cruise Ship Industry: Curse or Blessing? Michael Lück
7. Cruise Tourism and the New Tourist: The Need for a Different Typology? Per Åke Nilsson
Part III. Economic Impacts of Nautical Tourism  
8. The Impacts of Hosting a Major Marine Sports Tourism Event: The America's Cup in Auckland, New Zealand Mark B. Orams
9. Consumers and Economics of Yachting Tourism: Balearic Islands, Spain Joan B. Garau-Vadell
10. Conclusions: Is Nautical Tourism Sustainable? Michael Lück