Polar Tourism: Human, Environmental and Governance Dimensions

Patrick T. Maher, Emma J. Stewart & Michael Lück (eds.)


Table of Contents
Mark Nuttall
Part I. Introduction  
1. An Introduction to Polar Tourism: Human, Environmental and Governance Dimensions Patrick T. Maher, Emma J. Stewart & Michael Lück
Part II. Arctic Tourism  
2. Arctic Tourism. Arctic Tourism Introduction Margaret E. Johnston
3. Arctic Human Dimension. Coping With Change and Vulnerability: A Case Study of Resident Attitudes Toward Tourism in Cambridge Bay and Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada Emma J. Stewart, Dianne Draper & Jackie Dawson
4. Arctic Environmental Dimension. Behavior of Belugas in the Presence of Whale-Watching Vessels in Churchill, Manitoba and Recommendations for Local Beluga-Watching Activities Christopher D. Malcom & Heather C. Penner
5. Arctic Governance Dimension. Tourism Strategies and Environmental Labeling in Greenland Berit C. Kaae & Matilde Råhede
Part III. Antarctic Tourism  
6. Antarctic Tourism. Antarctic Tourism Introduction Kim Crosbie & John Splettstoesser
7. Antarctic Human Dimension. Ambassadors for the Experience: Perspectives From the Ross Sea Region Patrick T. Maher
8. Antarctic Environmental Dimension. A Case Study on the Effects of Human Activity on Weddell Seals (Leptonychotes weddelli) With Management Outcomes Tamara van Polanen Petel
9. Antarctic Governance Dimension. A Long-Term Strategy for Antarctic Tourism: The Key to Decision Making Within the Antarctic Treaty System? Kees Bastmeijer
Part IV. Sub-Arctic Tourism  
10. Sub-Arctic Tourism. Sub-Arctic Tourism Introduction John S. Hull
11. Sub-Arctic Human Dimension. Resiliency and Tourism in Ontario's Far North: The Social Ecological System of the Weenusk First Nation at Peawanuck R. Harvey Lemelin & Norman McIntyre
12. Sub-Arctic Environmental Dimension. Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies of the Tourism Industry in Northern Europe Kaarina Tervo-Kankare & Jarkko Saarinen
Part V. Sub-Antarctic Tourism  
13. Sub-Antarctic Tourism. Sub-Arctic Tourism Introduction Eric J. Shelton
14. Sub-Antarctic Human Dimension. Managing Tourism on Austrlia's Sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island Lorne Kriwoken
15. Sub-Arctic Governance Dimension. Policy Framework and Management for the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands Peter McClelland & Mariska Wouters
Part VI. Conclusions  
16. Overall Conclusions Debra Enzenbacher