Cruise Tourism in Polar Regions: Promoting Environmental and Social Sustainability?

Michael Lück, Patrick T. Maher & Emma J. Stewart (eds.)


Table of Contents
Norman Douglas & Ngaire Douglas
1. Setting the Scene: Polar Cruises in the 21st Century Michael Lück, Patrick T. Maher & Emma J. Stewart
Part I. Market Dimensions  
2. Polar Yacht Cruising Mark B. Orams
3. Cruising to the North Pole aboard a Nuclear Icebreaker Robert K. Headland
4. Selling the Adventure of a Lifetime: An Ethnographic Report on Cruising in the Antarctic Arthur Asa Berger
Part II. Human Dimensions  
5. Cruises and Bruises: Safety, Security and Social Issues on Polar Cruises Ross A. Klein
6. Exploring the Ethical Standards of Alaska Cruise Ship Tourists and the Role they Inadvertently Play in the Unsustainable Practices of the Cruise Ship Industry Valerie Sheppard
7. Students on Ice: Learning in the Greatest Classrooms on Earth Geoff Green
Part III. Environmental Dimensions  
8. Environmental Impacts of Polar Cruises Michael Lück
9. Monitoring Patterns of Cruise Tourism across Arctic Canada Emma J. Stewart , Dianne Draper & Jackie Dawson
10. Climate Change and its Implications for Cruise Tourism in the Polar Regions Machiel Lamers & Bas Amelung
Part IV. Policy and Governance Dimensions  
11. Stakeholder Perspectives on the Governance of Anarctic Cruise Tourism Daniela Liggett, Alison McIntosh, Anna Thompson, Bryan Storey & Neil Gilbert
12. Port Readiness Planning in the Arctic: Building Community Support John S. Hull & Simon Milne
13. Beyond the Cruise: Navigating Sustainable Policy and Practice in Alaska's Inland Passage Greg Ringer
Part V. Conclusions  
14. Moving Forward Patrick T. Maher, Emma J. Stewart & Michael Lück