Shared Expertise through Videoconferencing
Michael Lück, Ph.D.


Mike Laurence and I have developed this tool for better distant teaching. We never intended to run distant courses, but rather invited well-known experts to give the occasional guest lecture in our courses. During my time at Brock University, we improved and fine-tuned this tool, and I implemented it in most of my courses.

We acknowledge the funding through a grant from the Brock University Instructional Technology Grant Competition 2003. We also acknowledge the generous support from our colleagues Michael Hall, James Higham, David Fennell, Liz Carnegie, Martin Robertson, and David Duval for the time they freely gave for the exchange of a number of lecturers via video conferences.

Below are a couple of published papers, the grant report, and conference presentations outlining the work we did during this project:

Lück, M. & G. M. Laurence (2005). Guest Presentations via Videoconference: An alternative to face to face guest lectures. Tourism Today , 5:153-161. [ pdf ]

Lück, M. & G. M. Laurence (2005). Innovative Teaching: Sharing Expertise through Video-conferencing. Innovate: Journal of Online Education , 2 (1): [ click here ]

Lück, M. (2004). Teaching via Videoconference: Sharing Expertise. Instructional Technology Grant Competition 2003, Final Report. [ pdf ]
Laurence, G. M. & M. Lück (2004). E-Learning in Ontario - Beyond the Pilot Projects. Invited presentation to the First Annual Ontario Research & Education Summit: Leveraging the Power of Orion. June 14-15, 2004, Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network, Toronto.
Lück, M. (2004). Sharing Expertise: Teaching via Videoconference. Making the Most of Our Institutional Resources. CTLET's First Annual Best Practices in Teaching and Learning Symposium. May 6, 2004, CTLET, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, Canada (Presentation on video).

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