Marine Wildlife and Tourism Management: Insights from the Natural and Social Sciences

James Higham & Michael Lück (eds.)


Table of Contents
1. Marine Wildlife and Tourism Management: In Search of Scientific Approaches to Sustainability James E.S. Higham & Michael Lück
Part I. Demand for Marine Wildlife Tourism  
2. Marine Wildlife Tours: Benefits for Participants Heather Zeppel & Sue Muloin
3. Shark! A New Frontier in Tourist Demand for Marine Wildlife John Dobson
4. Tourist Interactions with Sharks Philip Dearden, Karen N. Topelko & Jackie Ziegler

5. Human-Polar Bear Interactions in Churchill, Manitoba: The Socio-ecological Perspective

R. Harvey Lemelin
6. Specialization of Whale Watchers in British Columbia Waters Chris Malcolm & David Duffus
7. Captive Marine Wildlife: Benefits and Costs of Aquaria and Marine Parks Michael Lück
Part II. The Impacts of Tourist Interactions with Marine Wildlife  
8. The Economic Impacts of Marine Wildlife Tourism Carl Cater & Erlet Cater
9. Effects of Human Disturbance on Penguins: the Need for Site-and Species-specific Visitor Management Guidelines Philip J. Seddon & Ursula Ellenberg
10. Impacts of Human Disturbance on Pinnipeds and Implications for Tourism Management David Newsome & Kate Rodger
11. Understanding the Impacts of Noise on Marine Mammals David Lusseau
12. Shooting Fish in a Barrel: Tourists as Easy Targets Eric J. Shelton & Bruce McKinley
Part III. The Legislative and Ethical Contexts  
13. Marine Wildlife Tourism Management: Mandates and Protected Area Challenges Marc L. Miller
14. Marine Wildlife Tourism and Ethics Brian Garrod
15. Protecting the Ocean by Regulating Whale Watching: The Sound of One Hand Clapping Paul H. Forestell
16. Wildlife and Tourism in Antarctica: A Unique Resource and Regime for Management Patrick T. Maher
Part IV. Marine Wildlife and Tourism Management  
17. Managing the Whale- and Dolphin-watching Industry: Time for a Paradigm Shift Rochelle Constantine & Lars Bejder
18. Managing Marine Wildlife Experiences: The Role of Visitor Interpretation Programmes Michael Lück
19. Marine Wildlife Viewing: Insights into the Significance of the Viewing Platform James E.S. Higham & Wiebke F. Hendry
20. New Frontiers in Marine Wildlife Tourism: An International Overview of Polar Bear Tourism Management Strategies R. Harvey Lemelin
21. Marine Wildlife and Tourism Management: Scientific Approaches to Sustainable Management Michael Lück & James E.S. Higham